BBC Blue Peter Games

Studio Mundo worked in collaboration with Spinter Studio, providing artwork and design support on a project for BBC Childrens. We created all graphics, characters, objects and environments for an online game. The characters needed to represent the Blue Peter presenters and game objective was to dress each character in appropriate clothes for whatever challenge they were doing. 


Art Style

The project required a large amount of items to be drawn in a short period of time and so a ‘hand-drawn’ approach allowed us to work much faster. The final solution was a combination of both vector and hand-drawn digital illustration. All three characters were created as vectors but all other elements were created freehand using a Wacom tablet. The clothing items were hand-drawn in Photoshop and backgrounds were digital paintings, also created in Photoshop.



The project was completed on time and budget and was featured on the BBC homepage.

You can see the game online here: