The task was to create a fun and interactive game for young people with real life scenarios based around finding work, finding somewhere to live, and paying the rent. The game was to be made in Flash and featured on Hull City Council’s ‘Clued Up In Hull’ website. 

We created all visuals and illustrations, including the game title logo and CD packaging, using a combination of hand-drawn illustration, vector artwork, and Photoshop. We also devised the original concept, game style, and illustration/graphic style. We felt the use of a cardboard texture would help communicate the idea of ‘homelessness’ well and we employed this throughout. Characters were designed to appeal to our target age group of teenagers and were created as vectors with additional Photoshop textures. Backgrounds were mostly hand drawn and scanned with further image manipulation done in Photoshop. We created a gatefold CD case using the same cardboard textures used in the online game, complete with 'fake' box labels.