The task was to create a brand identity that would be 'playful' but would also be formal, without being too corporate - a balance between the two. The brand would need to work across both web and print, and would need a distinctive, recognisable icon that could be used online independent of the company name e.g. on a social media profile.

We wanted our brand colours to be vibrant so we chose a vivid sky blue and magenta, and used the two overlaying colours to create a third purple colour. To give a friendly, soft-edged look we opted for a rounded font along with a modern geometric logo, creating the 'M' symbol using overlapping circles. We used additional circles to create a colourful background pattern that was used to complement the logo. For the reverse of the business card we communicated the global ambitions of the company, and referenced our company name Studio Mundo, by having the word 'Hello' in different languages on each card.